This resource guide helps homeless, low income, senior citizen and other at-risk communities find the resources they need to survive. The guide is also a valuable resource for case workers and other professionals who work with these at-risk communities.

This resource guide helps homeless, low income, senior citizen and other at-risk communities find the resources they need to survive. The guide is also a valuable resource for case workers and other professionals who work with these at-risk communities.

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And what will explain to you the path that is steep? It is the freeing of a (slave) from bondage, or the giving of food in a day of famine to an orphan relative, or to a needy (stranger) in distress, and being of those who believe, enjoin fortitude, and encourage kindness and compassion.
Holy Quran, 90:12-17

The New Mexico Coordinated Resource Guide (NMCRG) is intended to help At-Risk communities and those people dedicated to helping these at-risk communities find resources that will help alleviate some or perhaps even all of the issues these At-Risk communities are plagued with.

By the grace of God, those of us who have the abilities and resources to contribute helping this cause are invited to participate in any way that you can to help make this initiative a successful tool for finding and accessing the resources made available by others in the struggle to help these At-Risk communities.

Malluf Consulting Services, the creator of this NMCRG and current operator of this initiative believe that the NMCRG, a faith-based initiative, can grow to be the go-to resource for all At-Risk communities who need assistance in surviving life’s travails.

Malluf Consulting Services is made up of a two-person team, Ibrahim and Jamila Malluf. Due to a set of circumstances out of our control, and perhaps some poor choices we made, we also found ourselves Homeless back in 2015. We actually spent October 2014-February 2015 alternately sleeping in the back of our Tahoe, or when we acquired some money selling off our household goods in storage, in a hotel room. Ibrahim, being 70 at the time was collecting SS, but it was not enough to secure a home. We do have skills though, and where by the grace of God able to pull ourselves out of this tail spin. We acquired a short-term development contract that helped us build up a savings while staying in a hotel although while at this hotel Ibrahim suffered a near fatal bood clot that placed him in the hospital for 15 days, three of which he was in an induced Coma. Jamila found a rental home for us during this period, so that when I got out of the hospital I would not have to recover in a hotel room. We now have a rental we live in that is comfortable and secure. During this short homeless period, we did not get any help from the resources actually available at the time. Mostly because we did not consider ourselves eligible and what was available was not obvious to us. Perhaps, may God forgive us, we even felt too humiliated as homeless vagabonds to pursue this help. We certainly gained insight into what others must experinece as members of the At-Risk communities. We are still just two steps from homelessness trying to make it on my SS and what ever contracts we can acquire. This NMCRG effort of ours is at risk itself if we cannot support the cost of running it.

Recently we were confronted with At-Risk Communities issues again, not through risk to ourselves, but through a discussion about a project by an employee of the New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness (NMCEH). He first presented it as a NMCEH project, but later confided to us that he intended to claim copyright for himself and license it back to the NMCEH, most likely at a profit. Our engagement with this person did not result in a contract. In any case, we had been introduced a set of Open-Source, Public Domain data that catalogued resources available for these At-Risk communities, mostly in Albuquerque, provided through ABQCRG.Org. To be frank, we found the ABQCRG.Org site to be less than usable in a general sense. So, we decided to take this Open Source data and use it as a starting point for what we view as a more user-friendly implementation. After doing this we were totally blindsided by The New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness's rejection and attack upon our efforts. Instead of welcoming us as another resource in the struggle to end homelessness and help At-Risk communities they initiated a campaign to malign us and encourage other workers and professionals in this field of helping At-Risk communities to ignore and shun us. We explain our stance on this un-called for behavior in the following link:
The NMCEH attack on our ethics for starting this project
Of course, we view these actions by NMCEH and their employees with bewilderment and surprise and sincerely hope that you, the reader will recognize that this problem between us and the NMCEH is not something that should exist. NMCEH is funded through government funds and public donations. We do not threaten their existance or performance in any way, but instead present ourselves as an added tool for use by them and others in this field of endevor. Exactly what could be their motivation to attack us the way they are doing?

At present NMCRG provides only the resource guide. In the near future, if God wills, we intend to extend the NMCRG into the following services:

  • A monthly Newsletter talking about What is currently going on in the At-Risk Communities’ resources and opportunities.
  • An Interactive non-public set of forums for Case Workers, Navigators and other Professionals involved in serving At-Risk communities in some form or another so that ideas, initiatives and other matters can be discussed in a secure environment.
  • An interactive public set of forums that all can participate in to discuss issues and ideas.
  • A Blog/News area (of course) where those who wish to write informative and inspiring articles targeting the NMCRG community will be welcome to do so. Links to the most recent articles will be included in the proposed Newsletter.

The above are just ideas that we hope can be implemented. We shall see if God wills this to become reality. We are also very open to suggestions as to what else would be useful for enhancing the effort of helping At-Risk communities. We have the skills to do these things and are willing to implement them and perhaps any other ideas we deem viable. Please contact us with your Ideas or suggestions.

And finally, any and all who read this About Us page, we ask that you help us complete the building of this NMCRG initiative and perhaps support continued curation of the data though your generous donations of any amount.

Please Donate what you can to keep us running. You can do so through GoFundMe or directly through paypal below:

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